About Zones Plugin

Zones is a slide rule useful for scheduling and awaiting events where offsets that change with seasons and prefered times of participants are taken into account.

Wiki Weekly Hangout DATE 3/14/2018 TIME 10:00am FOR 60 minutes ALSO Pacific/Honolulu IN US/Pacific ALSO America/Denver ALSO Europe/London ALSO Europe/Paris ALSO Asia/Tokyo

Hover over times to see dates.

See More About Zones for time zone names.

# Markup

Say TIME 14:30 for time of day.

Say DATE 3/14/2018 for day of year.

Say DATE Wednesday for day of week.

Say FOR 60 minutes to set the duration.

Say IN America/Chicago to use that time zone.

Say ALSO Europe/Berlin to show times there.

Say HERE to show local time zone if known.

Say ZONES to show a list of recognized time zones.

Say other words to describe this event.