Breakfast on the Bridge

For more than 20 years, Breakfast on the Bridges has been offering up free coffee and goodies to people biking and walking across Portland's bridges. Our crew of volunteers invites you to take a few extra minutes during your morning commute to stop by for coffee and conversation. post

__Steel Bridge__: Team Steel sets up just east of the entrance to the Esplanade lower bike path. Great views of the river and downtown skyline.

__Tillikum Bridge__: Team Tillikum sets up on the either end of the bridge on the Northbound side, either next to Elephant’s Delicatessen on the west side or at the junction with the feeder from the Springwater trail onto the Westbound bridge MUP.

__Blumenauer Bridge__: Team Blumenauer stations on the north end of the bridge. Now that the Hawthorne Bridge crew has relocated to the Blumenauer Bridge, all 4 BonB locations are car-free.

__Flanders Crossing__: Expanding to four bridges for the first time! Say hi-diddly-ho to your bikey neighbors on one of the city’s newest car-free bridges. post

45.5280205, -122.6670313 Steel Bridge 45.5264872, -122.6585770 Blumenauer Bridge 45.5048585, -122.6669018 Tillikum Bridge 45.5257343, -122.6868024 Flanders Crossing

__7:00 - 9:00 am__ on the last Friday of every month.

Well… pretty much. In the month of June we celebrate __PedalPalooza__ by bringing you BonB every Friday. We also try to avoid major holidays when people get to sleep in rather than commute downtown by shifting the date up or back a week (especially around __Thanksgiving__ in November and __Christmas/New Years__ in December). We also throw special themes into the mix like Superhero BonB in October and Santa Lucia on the Bridge in December.


I meet the activists. Friday April 28, 2023.

Flanders Crossing

Steel Bridge

Blumenauer Bridge

Tillikum Bridge

Along with others, Lily serves breakfast and coffee to bike commuters on the Tillikum bridge every last Friday of the month. Occasionally in superhero garb. site HEIGHT 400

I tour the bridges traveling clockwise from my home in the lower left corner. Markers show trail heads I've explored by bike. Red dots are 900 MHz base stations handling my position updates. enlarge log