DorkbotPDX May 2023

I plan to attend our in-person meet tomorrow. I can offer a 5 minute lightning talk about 900MHz LoRa GPS tracker I've been using on rides, runs and trips. One feature of my custom software is the virtual "gates" that I run through so that I can compare performance on any interval of my regular route. I'll be tracking my pedaling to the event. Watch live here: track

This TTGO device application uploads GPS data from the TTGO T-Beam to be used for tracking and determining signal strength of LoRaWAN gateways and nodes. When using the device and application on the Helium Network one can contribute to the Helium Network Mapper or Cargo projects. github

New tracks appear here once reporting starts. See example where I ride every Breakfast on the Bridge a week ago. Track for 2023-04-28 HEIGHT 400

Now with a few weeks of data we will compare track logs using our new "finish line" approach for interpolation.

BOUNDARY 45.4691618, -122.7493215 BOUNDARY 45.4733330, -122.7381321 45.4697636, -122.7463129 67th (S) 45.4692909, -122.7473269 Canby @ 68th (W) 45.4693205, -122.7483971 Canby @ Oleson (W) 45.4699726, -122.7490889 Oleson @ Canby (N) 45.4713901, -122.7493834 Oleson @ Hideaway (N) 45.4730593, -122.7476673 Miles @ Oleson (E) 45.4725519, -122.7454260 Miles @ 67th (E) 45.4725752, -122.7436694 Miles @ 63rd (E) 45.4715321, -122.7400964 Miles @ 60th (E) 45.4708578, -122.7383087 60th @ Jan Tree (S) 45.4698044, -122.7383087 60th @ Canby (S) 45.4693530, -122.7392529 Canby @ 60th (W) 45.4694322, -122.7415473 Canby @ Hunt Club (W) 45.4692530, -122.7445404 Canby @ 66th (W)