Text and Video Chats

Federated wiki developers and users meet twice a week by video chat and all day every day by text chat.

# Text Everyday

Matrix is a whole ecosystem of matrix-enabled clients, servers, gateways, application services, bots, etc. We're in the matrix. matrix element

Most of federated wiki is open for reading. Start browsing with recently changed sites. See Watch Everything

# Video Wednesdays

We meet in a video chat every Wednesday at 10am west coast (Pacific) time. zoom

Video Chat Every Wednesday IN US/Pacific DATE Wednesday TIME 10:00 HERE

# Video Sundays

We've been meeting weekly on Sundays at 9am Pacific time. zoom

Video Chat Every Sunday IN US/Pacific DATE Sunday TIME 09:00 HERE

Expect these schedules to show your local timezone. You can hover over a time to see the day of the week even across the international date line. See About Zones Plugin

Our open video chats were founded for two different specific purposes using two different zoom addresses. Both have now evolved to be a handful of regulars and a welcome visitor or two sharing demos, diagnosing problems, discussing new or related software and getting to know visitors. Chats run for two to three hours with participants dropping in or out as their schedules allow.